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Help children reach their own goals!

Paraeducators work with students in schools and other educational settings. They are not teachers, but they work alongside teachers and provide additional support to students, teachers and parents. For example, a paraeducator might work with group or one-on-one tutoring for certain subjects, act as a translator, help parents get involved in classroom activities, or support lessons in computer labs.


Program Description

At BMC, we want to help you become successfully employed in a variety of educational settings!

Enrollment is open to:

  • Employed paraeducators
  • Individuals who wish to prepare for employment in paraeducation
  • Individuals who are working or want to work in other early learning settings

    *Employment in the field requires a criminal background check.

Degrees & Certificates

  • Associates Degree of Applied Science in Paraeducation.
  • Child Development Specialist Certificate
  • Paraeducator/Early Childhood Education (ECE) certificate
  • Management of Early Learning Certificate