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photo of paralegal studentParalegals are trained to prepare legal documents, conduct research and investigations, interview clients and witnesses, prepare probate inventories, and organize and index documents. They draft correspondence, prepare clients for court hearings and mediation, help attorneys in litigation, and may also participate in administrative hearings.

The BMC Paralegal Program offers both a degree and certificate option to those interested in pursuing a career in the legal services field. The faculty of the program represent various aspects of the field and hold a high regard for its academic and professional integrity.

Our Program’s mission is to aid students in becoming ethical, top-quality paralegals with the knowledge, flexibility, analytical, interpersonal, communication, and other skills needed to excel and succeed in a diverse and ever-changing legal profession.

To that end, we will help you develop a solid understanding of the concepts, terminology and regular tasks expected of a paralegal. In addition, we will help you develop excellent research, critical thinking and analysis skills that will enhance your paralegal career for years to come.

Program Description

The 2-year Paralegal Program is designed to prepare students to enter into the legal services field as a specialist by providing services under the supervision of an attorney. In this exciting career field, graduates may be eligible for positions in a law office, legal department of a corporation, public agency, court system, private investigation firm, and paralegal services.


Degrees & Certificates:

  • Associate in Applied Science degree, Paralegal
  • Paralegal Preferred Pro-Certificate
    The Paralegal Preferred Pro-certificate is designed for those who already possess an Associate in Arts and Sciences or a Bachelor of Arts degree and wish to enter the profession, or if already employed in the legal field, to enhance their career potential.

Prerequisite: Assessment at college-level English and college-level reading is required for all Paralegal courses.

Virtual Information Session

In order to make sure prospective students understand all of the important parts of applying to the college and enrolling in the Paralegal program, we ask that every student attend our Virtual Information Session.

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