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The Fire and Life Safety Technician program is designed to prepare you for career opportunities in the thriving fire industry by providing a curriculum that directly aligns with current employer demands – giving you an edge when it is time to enter the workforce. 

Suited for all students interested in the fire industry, this program will enable you to gain a comprehensive understanding of the various fire suppression systems, fire alarms, life safety plans and skill requirements vital for immediate success. Our committed faculty contribute years of experience, a strong knowledge of current industry standards and proven work practices to student learning with a primary objective of encouraging pursuit of this chosen career path.


This program is designed for individuals who enjoy challenging projects, which require the knowledge, practical skills and accepted practices used in the fire alarm and life safety systems industries. Completion of this two-year diploma program will prepare you for immediate service in both expanding sectors.

Program highlights:

  • A strong understanding of the building control systems, fire codes and standards used at the municipal, provincial and national levels
  • Close to 100 hours of placement experience with employers in the final semester, allowing for work on several different projects and the gaining of essential, hands-on skills
  • Critical thinking skills for the design of fire alarm and life safety systems equipment (e.g. sprinklers, suppression systems, elevators, strobe lights, building automation systems, etc.) using current codes, standards, regulations and laws
  • Testing, verifying, troubleshooting and maintenance of fire alarm and life safety systems including extensive laboratory experience in second year to gain relevant practical knowledge


As a graduate, you will be eligible to work toward certification by the Canadian Fire Alarm Association following one year of employment. Please visit, for full details related to this professional certification.


  • Alarm or alarm systems specialist
  • Alarm systems consultant
  • Alarm systems sales and marketing
  • Alarm systems technician
  • Fire alarm electronics technician
  • Fire alarm systems servicer
  • Fire prevention
  • Fire protection technician
  • Preventive maintenance technician
  • Security systems specialist



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