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Photo for Architecture programBuild your understanding of art, science, and their combined effect on the places we live and work.

By studying architecture, you'll learn the art of improving the human living environment. You'll be exposed to many fields of human endeavor including art, history, material science, physics and engineering. BMC can help you prepare for admittance to a 4-year architecture school.


Program Description

Due to the very specific requirements of an architecture degree, students at BMC cannot obtain an Associate of Arts & Sciences in Architecture. However, you can complete some of the coursework required to be admitted to an architecture program at a 4-year institution.

Program Planning

Decide on a 4-year institution: Students planning to pursue a degree in architecture should decide early on which school they plan to attend, so they can research and meet program requirements.

After receiving information from your University of choice, make an appointment with the BMC architecture advisor to plan appropriate course work at BMC.

Many courses have prerequisites, are offered only once or twice a year, and are sequential. Careful selection of classes each quarter is necessary to complete the course work without delay.


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