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Are you interested in high tech? Then reach for a career as an engineer, starting with BMC's Engineering Transfer Program. Engineering is essentially solving problems by using science to design applications. It is practical and scientific. It differs from some of the other sciences - biology, chemistry, physics - but there is considerable crossover.

Constructing straw towers or building and racing human-powered paper vehicles are just a couple of things you might find yourself doing as a BMC engineering student. Class sizes at BMC are relatively small, allowing for dynamic learning and easily accessible faculty. Innovative teaching methods such as team building, design emphasis, project assignments, and creative problem solving are utilized extensively in the engineering curriculum.


Program Description

BMC offers courses that cover the first 2 years of a typical 4-year engineering program, as well as courses to develop skills needed for college-level engineering courses.

Degree Options: Associate of Science degree
When you earn your Associate of Science, we offer 5 different degree specializations (click to learn more):

Program Planning

Students seeking courses of general interest and degree distribution should consider the following courses: ENGR& 104, 114, and ENGL& 235.

The Engineering Transfer Program offers a schedule of sequenced classes in mathematics, physics, and engineering science that typically begin fall quarter. Classes are also available for students who lack the necessary prerequisites or who need a review before beginning the standard sequence.



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