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Occupational Therapy

photo for occupational therapyHelp others regain and improve their participation in everyday life.

Occupational therapy professionals work with people who need assistance in work, recreation, and self-care activities. They help people of all ages in a wide variety of settings: school and play skills for children, social and educational skills for adolescents, and for adults, injury recovery and coping skills for long-term illness and disability.

As an OT professional, you'll find jobs in hospitals, rehabilitation centers, schools, nursing homes, community settings, home health agencies, psychiatric and mental health centers, hand therapy sites, and other health care settings.


Program Description

BMC offers courses that cover the first 2 years of a typical pre-occupational therapy program (college-level courses) as well as courses to develop skills needed for college-level courses.

When you complete your time at BMC, you can transfer to occupational therapy programs at one of the following schools:

Degree Options: Associate in Arts and Sciences degree (Option A)

Program Planning

High School Preparation: While in high school, students should pursue all the available courses in mathematics, chemistry, biology, and physics.

Students should gain exposure to the occupational therapy profession through experience working, volunteering, or observing in occupational therapy settings (physical rehabilitation, mental health, geriatrics, pediatrics) with people who have mental, physical, or developmental disabilities.

Recommended Class Schedule: Based on the individual transfer requirements for each of the 4-year institutions, we suggest specific class schedules.


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