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Political Science

photo for political scienceTake part in building your community.

Political science is devoted to understanding the processes by which human beings create and maintain communities -- and then focus on the values of those communities, such as order, liberty, equality, justice and prosperity.

At BMC, we make it our mission to enable our students to become responsible and effective participants in these political communities, whether at the local, state, national, or international level. We also help our students develop the skills to actively, effectively participate in the process of community building. These skills include analyzing and formulating arguments, identifying research strategies, evaluating data, working cooperatively with other students, and developing an appreciation for multiple and diverse points of view.

BMC political science courses cover: the fields of comparative politics, American national politics, state and local politics, political theory, and international relations; a variety of elective courses on topics such as constitutional law, women and politics, and politics and film; and student opportunities to pursue more specialized interests through individual internships and research projects.

Careers in Political Science

Political science can help prepare you to pursue careers in government, law, education, business, and the non-profit sector.


Program Description

BMC offers courses that cover the first 2 years of a typical 4-year college political science program (college-level courses) as well as courses to develop skills needed for college-level courses.

Degree Options: Associate in Arts & Sciences degree (Option A)


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