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Student Government

student senateEach class day, hundreds of students bring their varied backgrounds and values to BMC because they're all reaching for something beyond themselves. When you join the student body at BMC, you become part of an active, ambitious community.

And every community needs leaders.

"We the Associated Student Body of BMC ..."

Members of ASBMC are responsible for:

  • Developing the Service and Activities Fee Budget
  • Allocating funds to clubs and organizations
  • Representing student concerns on various college committees.

The best student government is one that:

Guarantees student participation which is
direct, open, and responsive to changing
student needs;

Is integral to and not
isolated from
other decision-making
and governing processes of the college; and

Provides development of each student participant.

~From the ASBMC Constitution

Get involved!

NEXT ASBMC MEETING: Coming this Fall!
Come and find out what your student government is doing for you this quarter!

Senate Meetings are open to all BMC students and are held every other Wednesday at 12:30 in the Senate Room, Bldg. 11.

All members of the Associate Student Body at BMC (ASBMC) are students like you -- students with a vested interest in educational opportunities and campus policies and procedures.

Any student registered for credit at BMC may become an active part of ASBMC Student Government.

How to become a Senator and make your voice count:

  • Attend three consecutive Senate Meetings (held bi-monthly)
  • Pass a parliamentary procedure exam

By becoming an ASBMC Senator, you are entitled voting rights on various issues regarding clubs, student budgets, and student-imposed fees. Senators may also serve on committees appointed by the ASBMC President.

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