Future Students

Look up, look around. At BMC you can find a new class, a new career, or a new challenge to take up. All you have to answer today is, “What am I reaching for?”

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The Sky’s the Limit

BMC students come from many backgrounds, speak many languages, and stretch toward many goals – to brush up job skills, earn an associate or bachelor’s degree, set the foundation for a bachelor’s degree or move on to graduate school. As they rise, BMC students lift us all.

Reach your goals

A better job. A 4-year degree. Certification in a specific field. You've set your goals for your education and career... now all you need is the right college to get you started.

The first step is the easiest!
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Why Start Moving Up at BMC?
Because we are committed to giving you every opportunity to reach your goals with a low-cost, high-quality education. We create a positive learning environment that gives you confidence to succeed.

Wherever you are now, wherever you want to go, you'll find the next step up at Blue Mountain College.

High quality, affordable education

Get your college start at BMC for an affordable alternative to tuition at a 4-year institution. Worried about the cost? Nearly 50% of BMC our students benefit from financial aid. Learn More: Costs & Aid

College Transfer & Career Training

Take classes that let you earn the first 2 years of a bachelor's degree and transfer to a 4-year institution OR earn a 2-year associate degree. You can earn a degree that transfer to almost any major or choose from more than 40 professional and technical degrees and certificates. Learn More: Areas of Study




TCC pre-nursing student Kevin Lee

“At first I thought I would just go into science. Then I began to think about nursing as a career, and I got excited.”

BMC pre-nursing student Kevin Jeong.