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Enrollment FAQs


Q: How do I apply?
Complete the online application for admission. If you are returning to BMC after being gone for a year or less. If you have been gone for over a year, fill out a new application. Learn more about step-by-step instructions on the enrollment process

International students have a separate application process. Learn more about the steps to enroll as an international student and frequently asked questions for international students.

Q: What’s this about a BMC email account?
You will automatically receive a new BMC student email account when you apply to the college. Be sure to activate and then check your BMC email regularly at the student portal — it’s how the college will communicate with you, including sending out important deadlines on financial aid, course additions, updates from your professors, etc.

Q: Is there a fee to apply to BMC?
Now, no. Soon, most likely. The application fee will not apply until Summer 2012. So apply now


Q: What academic programs do you offer?
Blue Mountain College offers many academic programs in a wide variety of fields of study. Some are designed to give you the skills needed for a specific career goal within a year or two (Career Training), and some are designed to assist you in transferring to a college for a four-year (or higher level) degree (College Transfer). 

If the lack of a high school diploma or skills in basic reading, writing, math or English is holding you back, you can take action. BMC offers GED courses and basic skills classes to help. You can even learn basic skills and job skills at the same time through I-BEST. Or you may qualify for programs to earn your high school diploma (if between the ages of 16-20) through Fresh Start, or to earn college credit while still in high school as a junior or senior through Running Start.

Q: Where can I find course descriptions?
The BMC Catalog contains course descriptions and prerequisites.

Q: I can only take online courses. How do I do this?
In order to take an online class through BMC, you must be enrolled at the college (review the Enrollment Steps). Before signing up for an online class, review the overview of online classes, including computer requirements, class start dates and frequently asked questions. 


Q: Will my transcript be reviewed?
If you have transcripts from another college, your transcripts will be officially evaluated by a transcript evaluator after you send them to the Enrollment Services office. It takes between 4-6 weeks to complete the evaluation process and to get the results into our system, so we recommend you send them in ASAP.

To get CREDIT for classes and placement, order official sealed transcripts from your former college(s) now and have them sent to BMC. Or drop off your official sealed copy at the Enrollment Services office (Bldg. 7) in person.

For PLACEMENT in classes, FAX your unofficial copy of your college transcript to the Assessment office at 253.566.6011 or bring in person to Bldg. 7. Include your BMC student ID number on each transcript. You will then be eligible to register for classes using the transcript as prerequisites.

Q: How do I send my transcripts to BMC?
Most colleges have an online transcript request process which will allow you to have your transcript from that school sent to BMC. Or you can order sealed copies and send them to us yourself. Do not break the seal or transcripts will be invalidated.


Q: What is New Student Orientation (NSO)?
New Student Orientation (NSO) gives you the info you need to quickly plug into the BMC campus community and to important student resources, such as your student portal and how to register for classes. You’ll be assigned an academic advisor, and you’ll get an opportunity to tour campus, too.

Q: What is a TAN (Tour, Assessment, New Student Orientation)? BMC has created a one-stop-shop experience for prospective students to get most of their enrollment steps taken care of--all in one morning! TANs are an alternative to an NSO, but they also offer the opportunity to take your ACCUPLACER placement test, tour campus, and hear about ways to pay for college.
Q: Do I need to go to New Student Orientation (NSO) or a TAN?

Participation in the New Student Orientation or a TAN (Tour, Assessment & New Student Orientation) is mandatory for all new first-time college students. All BMC students must learn how to register for their own classes and how to access the portal. You will also be assigned your advisor at that time.

The earlier you sign up for NSO or a TAN, the earlier you can select classes. Sign-up online as soon as you’ve got a Student ID number and know you’re planning on attending BMC. Be sure you’ve completed your assess your skills step (by taking the placement test) before your scheduled orientation.


Q: Do I need to take placement tests?
All new students seeking a degree/certificate must take placement tests in reading, English and math in order to determine placement in those classes.  The ACCUPLACER placement test is how we determine your current skills so you begin with the appropriate class levels for your success in college. 

There are a few reasons you may not need to take placement tests:

  • If you have attended a prior college and completed writing-related course work and/or math. What to do? Fax or bring an unofficial copy of your transcript(s) to the Assessment office in Bldg. 7, FAX 253.566.6011.
  • If you are admitted only as a non-credit student.

Q: What is the process for placement testing?
The ACCUPLACER placement test is an assessment of your skills in reading, English and math to determine your placement in these courses. Testing takes place in Bldg. 7. It costs $18 and can be paid in person at the Cashiers office in Bldg. 14 before taking the test, or paid online in advance. Photo ID is required for the test. Find out test times and dates

Students wishing to test at and attend the Blue Mountain Campus for exact assessment dates and to make a reservation.

Q: I took the assessment test, and I want to retest. How do I do this?
You have the opportunity to retest any test portion (reading, English or math) if you are unsatisfied with your scores. The Assessment Center allows students to retest once for free but students must wait at least 48 hours after the first test. We strongly suggest reviewing practice questions in advance--students who do get higher scores. Check for test times and dates in advance . You'll re-take your test in Bldg. 7 on campus.

Financial Aid

Q: What do I need to turn in to the Financial Aid office?
Here’s what BMC needs you to do to begin the financial aid application process:

  • Apply to BMC
  • Complete FAFSA and list BMC
  • Complete BMC Financial Aid Data Sheet

Tips on how to apply for financial aid

Q: What’s the deadline for financial aid?
Your deadline depends on what quarter you want to start school. Find out your intended quarter’s financial aid file completion deadline. If you miss a deadline you may still get aid, but plan for it arriving after the quarter starts.  

Time really is money in this case! Submit your FAFSA and your BMC Data Sheet as close to January 1st as you can, and look for your Student Aid Report (SAR) in the mail/email, as it will arrive within two weeks of completing the FAFSA. Respond quickly to any requests for more information—your chance to get the best money possible depends on how promptly you meet requests.

Q: What if I miss the deadline for financial aid?
If you miss the deadline (or file completion date) for the quarter you want to start school, you can still apply for financial aid. However, if you sign up to attend classes you should be prepared to pay for your own tuition and books up front, as any financial aid you may be eligible to receive may not be ready until sometime after the start of the quarter well past the tuition due date. 

Q: Should I wait to find out what financial aid money I get?
No, do not wait to register for classes. Classes fill up quickly. Sign up for a New Student Orientation (NSO) and select classes in advance of hearing about your financial aid award.

Q: How can I check the status of my financial aid?
If you have applied for financial aid through the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) and BMC has received your processed FAFSA application, then you are eligible to use the new Student Financial Aid Portal. Your user name is your Social Security Number (SSN) and your Password is your global PIN or student’s date of birth (MMDDYY) format. For difficulties regarding the use of the Financial Aid Portal send an email.

Students should regularly check their BMC student email (assigned to you when you first applied to the college) since most communication from the Financial Aid office will be sent to your BMC student email. Email is the college’s official and primary form of communication. You can access your email through your BMC student portal.

Q: What is the Student Financial Aid Portal?
The Financial Aid Portal will give you access to view a list of missing requirements and documents, your financial aid awards, and any special messages from the Financial Aid office. It will also have the most up-to-date information available to students—so check there first when you have a question or want to be sure everything is complete! You can also find the student Financial Aid Portal on the BMC student portal.

Q: How will dropping classes affect my financial aid?

  • Any changes in your registration may affect your financial aid.
  • There are serious consequences if you do not attend all classes that your financial aid is based on. 
  • Students must also stay on track by only enrolling in classes required for their program of study.

If you are thinking of withdrawing from one or all of your classes, speak with someone in the BMC financial aid office first! We want to help you avoid problems.


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