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Language Center

language center graphicBMC's Language Center is an important part of BMC's commitment to and appreciation of diversity and cultural understanding, on our campus and in our world.

Meet Up & Reach Out to New Cultures

Meet up with friends and classmates, brush up your foreign language skills, and reach out to new cultures!

How Can We Help You?

Come visit our comfortable, relaxed space, ideal for classes, groups and individual study. Language Center services include:

Classroom Sessions: Your ESL and Foreign Language classes meet here often for presentations and special sessions.

Conversation & Study Groups: Safe, friendly, and casual, conversation and study groups are not classroom/credit instruction. Just show up and meet others who want to share the same language experience. In most instances, native speakers lead or participate in group sessions.

Self Study Materials and Monitoring: We have extensive libraries of cassette tapes and players, CD's, DVD's, books, magazines, and newspapers. Technical assistance and guidance are also available.

Computer Assisted Language Learning: Make an appointment or drop in to use our language software and Internet-based language study sites.

Events, Presentations & Artifacts: We use our space for world music presentations, foreign cinema, and other events. And don't forget to take a good look at our displayed art and artifacts from around the world!


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