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security_officeFeeling "at home" on campus means feeling safe and comfortable with your classmates, faculty and surroundings at all times. The men and women of your BMC Campus Safety department are here to help!

Stand Up for Safety

BMC's Campus Safety department is dedicated to your protection on campus, so you can enjoy your time and concentrate on reaching your goals. We pride ourselves in giving you the best service, with honor and integrity.

How Can We Help You?

Blue Mountain College has a highly trained and courteous Public Safety department that is willing and eager to assist the Titan family with numerous duties.

All of our officers are trained in basic first-aid and emergency response for major incidents such as earthquakes, windstorms, and even possible terrorist incidents.

Emergency Response: Campus Public Safety Officers respond to all campus emergencies which include reports of crimes, disturbances, alarms, medical emergencies, etc.

Patrol: 24/7 patrol in cars, electric carts and on foot. Effective preventive patrol decreases the opportunities for crimes to be committed, and increases the likelihood that criminals will be apprehended. Public Safety officers being visible on campus act as a deterrent to crime as well as providing the students easy interaction with the security staff.

Vehicle Assistance: Locking your keys in your car or leaving the lights on while attending class is a fairly common occurrence. Our staff is prepared to assist you in these areas by offering our services to help unlock your vehicle or jump start your car.

Investigate Incidents: Our security department conducts its own investigations of incidents that occur on campus. In the case of an incident being reported to another agency such as the Toronto Police Department, campus security will still conduct its own investigation.

Lost and Found: Items may be turned in or claimed at the security office located in Bldg. 14.

Security Escort: We're happy to walk you to your car or across campus after dark or anytime you feel unsafe on campus.

Campus Safety Educational Programs: An informed community is a safe community! We invite you to attend programs and workshops throughout the school year and learn how you can help keep BMC safe.

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